Why universities need Bridges

Higher education institutions are adopting a number of applications aiming to improve collaboration, manage payments, streamline enrollment and conduct other demanding tasks. But using several different solutions produces a lack of synchronization in their organization and is often only hindering them from achieving their goals.

Institutions that strive to provide superior educational experience need a comprehensive solution that is defined by simplicity, reliability, and scalability. That is the reason we’ve built Bridges – a fully integrated solution that empowers universities to enhance education and manage business operations more efficiently.

Redefining knowledge distribution

Bridges emphasizes the digital communication and collaboration between students and academic staff.  Users can seamlessly exchange resources, start discussions, access content or results and provide feedback at any time from anywhere, bringing interaction between university subjects at a higher level.

Professors are now able to engage all students without wasting huge portions of their valuable time, they can put out assignments, provide assistance, track student performance and motivate students that are losing focus. Additionally with the help of the grading & assessment tool professors can configure their grading criteria to include variables such as exam scores, projects contribution, class attendance (tracked with contactless student cards), essays etc. so the system will generate and distribute grades automatically, saving even more of the academic staff’s time.

Bridges main purpose is to keep students and professors productive not busy.

Higher Education Assessment Soltuion

Admission & Enrollment

Bridges makes the process of admission painless for both the students and the institution. The web application allows students to easily apply to the university or faculty online by filling out all the forms required by the university. The system receives the student data and evaluates it according to the configured university criteria to enable the academic administrations make efficient decisions in the admission process.

Complying with the law in Macedonia we have implemented an algorithm which generates admission points from the student’s high school grades and results from the State Matura. Then according to those admission points the system ranks all of the students that applied for admission and notifies them if they are admitted to the public college or not. With this feature we have saved faculties countless hours of administrative work and significantly reduced the room for mistakes.

Bridges also incorporates powerful tools to provide a smooth enrollment experience. The system enables students to effortlessly register for classes online and helps through the process by providing crucial information like curriculum, available classes for the semester, how many credits they cost, their schedules etc. The students can also register for exams online and get an overview of the exams, date and time, location, professor. Eventually the system sends notifications in order to remind students about upcoming exams and other important events.


Students can check their account balance, review different charges and make payments online through Bridges, which simultaneously updates all appropriate university accounts so the administration can have real time insights about the financial state of a specific college or on a university scale.

Enterprise engines for better performance

While the quality of education remains a top priority, a university cannot progress without efficiently managing the business processes. That’s why with Bridges we have integrated all the powerful enterprise tools and tailored them to fit the needs of higher education institutions. Academic administrations no longer have to use multiple different systems for business operations, Bridges helps finances, accounting, human resources, payroll and other administrative tasks get completed in shorter time with greater accuracy.

Bridges includes an easy to use performance management tool to help executives properly manage the organization and target critical points before they cause damage. The university administration can now easily get real time insights into the financial and educational performance of different faculties, departments, and individuals. Bridges allows authorized users to generate various reports like profitability by courses, average grades by academic programs, class attendance by professors, revenue and costs by faculties and many more.

Bridges connects all the tools into one adaptable solution so everyone at your university can learn, connect and accomplish more easily.

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