About Us

Jongis is a privately held company established in 1991, in Ohrid, Macedonia. Since its foundation the company has been providing software and hardware solutions & services to organizations from different spheres healthcare, higher education, finances, retail, hospitality, manufacturing etc. We have been consistently adopting new technologies and improving our development process to deliver high performing applications that help our clients lead in today’s rapidly changing environments.

Some of the solutions in Jongis’ development portfolio include: EHR (Electronic Health Records) & Practice Management, Finances, Hotel Management, Human Resources & Payroll, POS, Warehouse management, ERP, Integrated Higher Education System.

Jongis also owns and operates retail computer shops and provides service and support for the customers.
Jongis company headquarters are located in Ohrid and consist of development center, computer store, sales department, finances & accounting department, technical support and service & repair department.
Jongis company offices can also be found in the city of Skopje. The subsidiary there currently consist of a sales department and support. We are in the process of forming a development center at this location also.

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Mebel Lacka
Javno zdravje

More than 1000 companies in Macedonia

23 year experience developing enterprise solutions

98% customer retention in last 15 years