Jongis Medical
 presents a suite of fully integrated healthcare applications including ambulatory and inpatient EHR (Electronic Health Records), finances, materials management, and analytics. Today we help thousands of healthcare providers in their efforts to deliver a higher level of care and increase patient satisfaction.

Involving healthcare institutions in the development process allowed us to fundamentally integrate different medical staff workflows in our solution. This is critical for healthcare organizations to go through smooth adoption process and swiftly get to the point where the system is used to its full potential at all levels.

We understand the vital role of interoperability for Electronic Patient Records (EPR). Our clinical information system is designed using technologies that enable it to conveniently connect to authorized apps and devices to access medical data that will help clinicians deliver better and more personalized care.

Built on a cloud architecture our applications make information available on any location at all times, always updated to meet requirements without consuming your IT resources. We keep security, scalability and flexibility in our focus while developing new features to improve care coordination.

Jongis Medical is built from the ground up to be highly configurable so it can be efficiently deployed across large centralized hospitals, individual clinics, dispersed healthcare organizations etc. We strive for customer success which is why our team works closely with clients to ensure the implementation is tailored and carried out optimally for their environment.

Your healthcare enterprise will struggle to progress without a comprehensive platform that enables seamless information flow and better coordination of all processes.

We provide a proven fully integrated Health Information System (HIS) that connects all clinical and non clinical aspects across your entire organization with the final goal of improving quality of care and efficiency. Partner with us to transform healthcare, together.


No costly hardware

No additional license costs

No IT maintenance costs

Have a clear picture of the full cost of adoption

Simple & Fast

While there are other fully featured EHR systems, most of them lack simplicity.
Jongis Medical is designed for speed, always placing the user only a click away from his desired feature.


No installations, no hardware or software to configure, simply log in to Jongis Medical and start working.

You can securely access Jongis Medical whether you’re at home, in the office or on a trip, swift and smooth just like checking your email.

No interruptions! Automatic upgrades and data backups to keep your practice consistently running.

Unlimited Support

No matter if you are just getting started, experiencing a new feature or having an issue with a current one, our team offers you guidance at all times to maximize your Jongis Medical experience.

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