Human Resources and Payroll

Jongis human resources and payroll solution enables clients to efficiently manage employees information and easily calculate salaries, bonuses and deductions. Organizations can store and organize employees personal data, job title, and other mandatory information or any custom information required by their HR department. We provide a complete solution for handling payroll which includes all features required by small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises in Macedonia. Jongis continuously modifies the solution to make sure it is complied with the latest legislative changes in R. Macedonia


  • Calculate salaries, taxes and contributions in accordance with State Law

  • Calculate salaries according to organization’s parameters

  • Generate and file calculated salaries in MPIN automatically as legally required by UJP

  • Generate PDD-GI monthly and yearly reports, and electronically file them to UJP

  • Produce different reports by employee, departments, time period etc.

  • Included all types of employment relationships and running payroll accordingly (freed from taxes, contributions etc.)

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