Software development

Jongis main expertise lies in crafting sophisticated software solutions. Our comprehensive approach is based on clear and rational communication, thorough analysis of workflows and critical points, compact planning, agile and innovative development and providing unlimited support, and all that ensures the project is set on a long and successful journey.

We have delivered tailor made solutions that range from distributed enterprise cloud systems, to simple native or hybrid mobile apps, APIs, or various platform based tools. By continually adopting new technologies our team will make sure you are always leading in today’s rapidly changing environments.

We believe the only way to great accomplishments is by working with you not for you.


Building highly performing solutions is just a part of what Jongis undertakes, with our company’s implementation services your organization will have its system up and running promptly without any interruption to your current workflow. Jongis has 20+ years of experience implementing complex IT systems including ERP and EHR solutions, and we know that implementations can be costly and detrimental if not executed properly.

Jongis implementation services include:

  • Assessment of your organization needs
  • System configuration and customization to perfectly match your workflows
  • Integration with other crucial systems and devices at your organization
  • Setting user policies
  • Migration of your old data into your new IT system
  • Setting up forms and reports
  • Deployment

Additionally Jongis can also help you Install & configure servers and other hardware; design your network and setup your network devices according to your needs; Manage and upgrade the system without interrupting the work process;


Jongis will provide the needed training for each user, so your company can run our applications smoothly without any delay. We offer individuals training, group training, extended administrator training etc.
This service comes at no additional cost at all, for all clients that use our business solutions.


Delivering the perfect IT solution to a business has a little value without the proper support.
Jongis has its support team built of professionals who are always prompt to answer your questions or assist you with your problem.
Whether by phone, remote access or live chat, our team is available 24/7 to deliver an exceptional experience to our clients.

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