Improve inventory management and align operations to lower costs

Jongis Materials Management System is designed to help organizations streamline workflow across departments while ensuring efficient use of the company’s resources including materials, inventory, equipment and finances.
This system empowers procurement staff and gives managers complete control of orders and inventory, whether it is in your warehouse, in your stores or on the way to its destination.
With a wide range of configuration options and numerous specific reports, it is the optimal solution for many organizations in various industries.

  • Have real time insights of your supplies across your dispersed organization

  • Swiftly locate and transfer required materials from any department on any location

  • Seamless integration with ERP, finances system, and ability to connect to customers or suppliers apps to improve accuracy

  • Easily create and configure different warehouses to optimally suit your organization workflow

  •  Foreign currency calculations / receive notes and foreign invoices (ICD, UCD ).

  • Analytics tools can generate valuable reports on use, sales, staff performance, stock management etc

  • Mobile distribution using PDA- devices providing real-time  information

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